Tenant info

Our dedication to providing the highest level of support for our tenants means that we do offer a 24 hour service for maintenance matters and are happy to help our tenants whenever they call upon us. Below you will find a list of useful contact numbers and websites.

Maintenance Matters

Monday-Friday 9am-5.30pm – please telephone 0207 224 4228 to speak to a member of staff

Emergency Maintenance Hotline
Out of hours (5.30pm – 9am and at weekends) for Emergency Maintenance only, please call the office on 0207 224 4228 and you will be given instructions on who to contact.


Here are some useful contacts to help you register for council tax, to contact utility companies and to organise your communications and entertainment.




  • To check who currently supplies your electricity:
    • London 0845 601 5467
    • Brighton & Hove 0870 905 0806
    • Leicester 0845 603 0618
  • To check who currently supplies your gas : All areas 0870 608 1524





Many of these companies have apps which you can download from the iPhone and Android markets, to keep you up to date whilst on the move.